Diamond Floor Solutions, formerly know as Diamond Cleaning Systems, has been in the business of concrete floors for more than 10 years. We use the latest equipment to give you the finest finish possible.

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Concrete Densifiers & hardeners

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Densifiers and hardeners are chemical compounds that can be applied to concrete to improve the performance of your floor. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Densifiers & hardeners can improve your floor

Densifiers and hardeners improve your floor by changing the chemical composition of the concrete and making it less porous and susceptible to cracking. They work with the chemistry of the floor to make it harder.

Increase the hardness

When chemical hardeners are applied to a floor, they react with the calcium hydroxide and silica in the cement to form calcium silicate hydrate, a very hard, water resistant surface. The hardening chemicals also swell and fill in the pores present in the concrete, creating a much denser material that can be easily smoothed and polished.

Make it shine

Polishing concrete floors creates a highly reflective surface that increases the efficiency of ambient lighting up to 30%. This surface treatment has the look and shine of marble. Colors and decorative elements can be added to the floor to give it interest. Polished concrete floors will not yellow and never need to be sealed with any kind of sealant.