Diamond Floor Solutions, formerly know as Diamond Cleaning Systems, has been in the business of concrete floors for more than 10 years. We use the latest equipment to give you the finest finish possible.

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Phone: (712) 255 0013 Email: curt [AT] diamondfloorsolutions.com

Concrete Floor Prep

Preparation is important
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Preparation is very important for the outcome of a concrete polished floor. We have the specialized equipment and the trained staff to accomplish this step easily and efficiently. Don't wast money renting equipment. Let us do it!

Remove adhesives from the surface

Most of the floors we see have had other surfaces on them. Thin-Set, Mastic and other adhesives must be completely removed before a concrete floor can be polished or another surface, like wood, laminate or carpet can be installed.

Level the concrete

Get a professional to level your concrete floor to make sure it is done to the most exacting specifications. Is the concrete low, sunken or uneven? We can make it level and smooth. Cracked concrete or different levels of adjoining concrete slabs can cause a dangerous tripping hazard. Uneven concrete can also lead to water damage.

Polish the floor

Polished concrete floors are more resistant to abrasion than bare concrete, and eliminate dust and tire marks from forklifts. They are also scratch and spill-resistant making polished concrete a perfect choice for commercial or residential settings.